Parched Hearts And Closed Doors


The Absolute has Absolutely drained their hearts…
The Eternal has Eternally closed their doors…
In that dullness they drain the sap….
In that darkness they conceal the light….

Hidden lies the roots of their own suppression…
Mysterious are the effects of their own unspent lust….
They know not the cause of their own dispassion….
For their voice, breath, sight and speech sound the drums of tyranny…
Bleek are the chances of their recovery…..

For the light of their lives are spent in the dark chambers of their mind…
Pounding the rays of hope into smouldering dust of Arsenal….

Creating myths of projections…
Injected into their assuming minds….
Oozing with secretion of ulcerated bile…
Feeding on myrrh suckling on a bosom filled with wine…
From the sour stench of gossiping mouths….

They preach of stuff Beyond their reach
Yet they are the teachers that teach
‘ The Oneness of mankind ‘….

Double Standards on their lips….
Though they prescribe Oneness as tips…
Paradoxical flips…..
That drive people into insanity….

What Absolute is Absolute…
Without the sap of life???
Without warmth of compassion???
And a Dead Look in the Eye….

Oh dear Preacher Teacher….
It’s time to face a mirror, standing face to face….
And look you in the Eye….
Just let ‘You’ be you…..


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