Psycho-dynamic Power Of Structured Sound


Man’s curiosity is constantly aroused and endlessly takes one through different journeys in life. Ultimately what are we looking for? Be it Physical comfort, financial stability, social acceptance, Mental ease, Man is constantly seeking happiness. When his happiness includes the happiness of all, there is a sense of freedom that comes with it. The central core of consciousness remains unchanging in spite of the phenomenal world of constant change that surround us and in which we are placed. The outer world of experience and the inner sense of value have a common norm that is linked to an unspoken Universal law. When man’s inner instinct and potential are channelized into the spirit of creative expression, his passion can find inter-connective meaning in value which is the throbbing undercurrent of the universal law. Like fine tuning the strings of a guitar, when he fine tunes into that space he finds freedom of ease.
We experience this world with the five sense organs and the inner organs of perception that questions, recalls memories, judges, makes decisions and discriminates. All of this gives a personal sense of affectivity and identity. The organs of perception interact with the external forces such as light, sound and various kinds of pressures. Our sensory experiences are experienced as pleasant or painful. Like light and shadow, we have contrasting elements of knowledge and ignorance in the field of awareness. These two basic elements set the tone or rhythm within the field of consciousness. Our concepts, percepts and every form of structuring constantly express modulations of consciousness. Happiness or sense of ease is felt when connected to that one source of all knowledge.
Sound has the inherent quality of space, the all filling psychic space. Sound can affect, influence and alter things. By altering the pitches and frequencies sound vibrations are modulated to form words and languages. This largely governs our lives. Words can be used to hurt, to command, to instruct, to govern, to lead, to appeal, to console, to express grief, to describe, to create visions and also lead the mind into great depths. Sound can shake us and also pacify us. When sound is structured it gains psycho dynamic power.
Knowledge is compared to light. Light can range from the most feeble flicker to the most brilliant radiance. When light increases it removes all shadows. When shadows are removed the very nature of visibility changes, just like when knowledge increases, ignorance decreases and clarity remains.
When each string of a guitar is fine tuned to its own tonal pitch, it is ready to produce music that can be jarring or harmonious. The structure of a composition can create effects that can harness any range of emotion. It can instil a sense of patriotism; it can reverberate the passion of nostalgia, it can absorb the peace of devotion, it can fill a hall with celebration, it can race the pulse with an adrenaline rush, or create an emotional stir.
Between the song and the singer there is Passion of the spirit of creativity, there is knowledge of the structure of the notes, effort to act and bring forth the best and finally there is a merging together of the song and the singer being completely absorbed into one. The link between the sparks of consciousness and the source is this very self within the limited body, mind complex that has the ability to connect all value worlds into one comprehensive whole beyond all divisions.



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