Body To Soul Rendezvous

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Soothing hum of the Haa Chu,

Cool winds and lush green leaves,

Patting a warm lull so gentle!

Mighty mountains around like strong pillars safe,

Warmth of a New Born Babe

Lost in the mother’s bosom!


Like the still lifeless rocks and pebbles,

That lie uneven causing the smooth

Flowing river to break into ripples.


My dear soul, you create a stir in my physical being,

Still, flowing and flowing to where life leads on.

Flowing along with the gentle and strong currents of life,

Sailing through the rivers of time,

Awaiting the divine command,

Whirling and lashing against hard black rocks!


Like a fish under water,

Yet bottled and sealed in glass,

Restless, tossing and turning, trying

To live a meaningless life.


Wanting to jump out, yet choosing to stay in.

Living under fresh, life giving water,

Yet dying without water

Brought forth into the world so wide, for a purpose.

Yet, choose to remain bottled and sealed.

Finding sorrow in joy!

Fins and gills and scales over body…

Flushing out all vices,

Living to perish back into dust,

Sand that cleanses all the sweat to return back

With ease, freedom and peace.


Dear soul, I speak out I cry out to you.

Be patient! You that is me, wait…

And wait for life and the ways of the universe

To take a fresh turn.

To live a life to soulful yearnings

An outlet to the

Deepest thirst of the soul.

Sleep and rest- in peace!

Life will go on and you and me

Shall journey on until the dusk drops out

The eternal command – THE END!



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