Just Another Ordinary Day At Fernhill

tea garden

Crispy early dawn,

Sunshine o’er the Mountain top,

Lush green tea bushes in the valley –

waking up to the chirping Bird Songs…


Village folk, getting on

with their daily chores –

Ploughed fields wet and moist

Drenched in Sunshine

Hidden seeds waiting

to burst forth with life…


Children Big and Small,

In socks, shoes and pinafore –

Lost in animated talk.

Rushing to the hooting bus

That is ready to leave.


Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters,

Daughters, Sons, Husbands, Wives.

Stepping in from all sides,

Into the noise filled bus.

Shaking to the rhythm of a Kollywood song,

Amidst the buzz of

Local conversations soft and loud.


All assuming a temporary Role,

Of – Passenger –

Just a passer by…

Rolling down the hill,

In a Jam Packed Mini Village Bus –


Soon they will each go,

Different ways –

leaving behind an empty Bus.

Bereft of noise ,

with the stillness of

Just a Pause.


Until it Fills back again,

Taking its onward journey,

Packed with passengers and rice bags,

roosters with legs tied,

fresh carrots and beets with leaves sticking out,

The rusted floors and the dingy doors

Have been through many a long ride

Trotting and bumping along –

Returning Back Home …..




























































































































Before it fills back again

Taking its onward journey

Trotting and Bumping along

Returning back Home…..




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