Where Are you ?


It is hope that speaks to me,

When your spirited eyes turn moist.

It is belief that swells in me,

When your warm hands clasp tight.

It is as if there’s no word that matches,

When silence weaves its web between us…


They said that you were torn and forlorn,

They said that you would never ever make it,

They turned around and whispered into every ear,

They were certain that you were not chosen,

They were prepared to lend a shoulder,

They were the protectors of my destiny…


Remember the day when you said just nothing,

Remember the time when the stars disappeared,

Remember when the night broke into day,

Remember the rising of the forgotten full moon,

Remember it was all hidden in a broken past,

Remember it was all between you and me…


You are the mirror that mirrors me,

You are the lover that lures me,

You are the song that leads me,

You are voice that guides me,

You are the belief that beholds me,

You are the chord that connects me,


I am the eye of your eyes;

I am the sound of your ears;

I am the fragrance of your breath;

I am the flavour of your taste;

I am the stroke of your touch;

Then how can ‘You’ not be ‘Me’?


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