#Me Too

‘Me Too’ Campaign

It started with Tarana Burke
the activist ten years ago…
Made popular by actress Alyssa Milano. 
The “trigger factory” as they called it –
the ‘Me too’ campaign that triggered
women of the world to not hold back
but to speak up!
After the Harvey Weinstein charge,
that brought to light a spectrum of
gender based violence that spoke boldly,
through hashtags that went viral,
and Black T-Shirts with ‘Me Too’ in pink….

Witnessing a global community of Female solidarity,
challenging men in all roles – Fathers, Brothers, Friends,
Colleagues, Clergymen and all Men in general,
‘Mankind’ stood still in helpless wonder.
Male or Female, what is it?
Is it the psyche or the body?
Is it the effect of a deep rooted cause?
That drives the animal instinct to act blindly.

Is it in the lust of a reckless impulsive man to blame?
Yet he suffers from horrors of uncontrollable
Suppressed, repressed instinctive urge
and the very craft of his DNA.
Is it in the luring passionate vibes of a woman to blame?
While her alluring creativity bounces
In the vibrancy of her very being,
And in the very functioning of her RNA.
Is it in the yardstick that society created, that is to blame?
For setting the tone to the norm of normalcy
That lies in the gross national happiness or the GNP.
For ultimately, we are all seeking happiness…

When all of society is built to lure and stimulate
The snake of passion, Money, Sex and Power become
The norm around which we chase and base
Our past, present and future.
The sights, the smells, the tastes, the sounds, the touch
The mind is nurtured by impressive impressions that sets the tone
To the norm that we have centered around our lives.
We have taught our children what money can buy,
We inspire youth to build an empire
We strive to make ends meet
And as we age we become weak,
We fear the impotency
Of keeping pace with the race…
And even the names of the dead
Are carved in nothing less than
A marble, in glittering letters of gold,
even though the Wise, they say –
“From dust we come and unto dust we return” …
“As you sow, so you reep”…

Perhaps a shift in our central Norm
From Money, Sex, Power
To Aesthetic, Ethic, Value
May heal the magnitude of our alarming screams…